Terms and conditions

By using Jybly.com you hereby agree to following terms:

1. I agree that the link(s) of the product(s) I submit in the “paste link” field is/are in fact the item(s) I intend to buy through Jybly.

2. I hereby authorize Jybly to purchase said item(s) on my behalf.

3. I agree that all once I checkout, all purchases are final. I agree to pay the processing fee applied to the order. In case of cancelation, if 24 hours has elapsed from the time of order placement, I agree to pay the processing fee.

4. I agree to pay Jybly all dues which may include:

   A ) Product(s) price.

   B ) Tax/Vat.

   C ) Shipping costs within the selling country.

   D ) Jybly shipping rate.

   E ) Local shipping/delivery charges that may apply.

   J ) Oversize/overweight charges that may apply.

   K ) Local customs charges that may apply.

   L ) I agree that if I refuse to pay said dues, Jybly “Itqan Co.” has the right to take legal action against me.
  M) In case of item cancelation requests, if the vendor has refused to cancel an item, I agree to pay for the item price.
  N) In case of item returns, I agree to pay for extra shipping charges that exceed $15.